Am based in Leicester, been into hip-hop for mad years
I started off as a break- dancer, and was in a crew called rock city crew, in Nottingham
Been tour with grandmaster melle mel and the furious five
Starred in a b-boy film called electro rock, back in the day
Signed a record deal with fon records, in Sheffield

Was in a group called 2wice the trouble, warp records now own
The track called - hey hey can u relate with dj mink and my homie k.i.d
Since then, done a bit of tv work in Manchester , acting etc

Done the odd party in new york, back in the late ninetys
Took a 5-6 year break, traveling a bit, new york , spain , italy Greece, boston, etc
Now am back with ryhmeing , trying to make it happen
&  got mad inspiration from my peeps in new   york
was offer a internet deal in Brooklyn new york a short while ago
but now have just signed a two year record contract with
2 funky records, with the possibility of a extended contract

Also been signed with Sony Records, had a management team in New York, had a publishing deal with Sony and recently had another publishing deal with a company in America
Currently am with Nub Country Records in London, been working with Bell Time Records in Detroit USA
Have released my first solo album last year called hard journey and am ready to release a new album in summer of 2015